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Sweet matching game This is a cheerful, spring-themed matching game with graphics that are probably targeted towards preschool and elementary kids. As an adult, I still enjoyed the chicks, bunnies, Easter baskets, birds nests, and spring flowers that still remind me of how exciting spring seemed when I was a kid. (I still like spring.) Definitely a great game for kids, and some adults, like me, are going to enjoy it, too. Power-ups are clever and entertaining, like the four-leaf clover that explodes in four directions. You also have a choice of using the various backgrounds as wallpaper. This would be a good game to teach someone how to use a mouse or how to play a computer game. March 2, 2012

Cute, Relaxing, Fun I wasn't sure I'd like this game, but it was so adorable and relaxing, I couldn't resist. Very well made, no bugs I could find, and lovely graphics and music. It does get more challenging as the game progresses, but isn't stressful at all to play. 4.5 stars! April 12, 2012

Tons of Fun This was the first game I ever purchased from BFG last Easter. I played it on two different computers and have played it a third time. I even go back occasionally and play a little bit now and then. It just struck me as great fun, lots of power ups, good graphics, and sounds with the power ups that were often humorous. Since playing this game I have purchased many others, but this is still a favorite. February 25, 2012

Very Enjoyable Game! I'm in my 40's and I have played ALOT of video games over the years. I enjoy the match 3 games the most because they are relaxing (when not in timed mode of course!# and provide a no-brainer type escape. I bought this game around Easter just to have a holiday-themed game and I ended up playing it all year round. It is happy and positive and I just love the graphics. My mom #in her 70's) really enjoys this game too. I think it would be great for kids as well. May 28, 2012

spring bonus this game is a fab game to play shame time run out or i would play all night long April 26, 2012

Cute and fun! I figured Spring Bonus was going to be a game that remained pretty easy so kids could play, but i was pleasantly surprised at how hard the levels get as you go. The background changes are fun to see too. It's a very simple game yet it gets quite challenging as you go along the bunny trail. 100 levels. Also, you can play timed or not. I prefer having a timer but currently I'm stuck on level 93 and may have to take the timer off for this one! Fun fun FUN!!! :0) March 28, 2014

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