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Fortune Palace is a straightforward introduction to casino games and strategies, aimed at both absolute beginners and more experienced players.

From the start, the site was designed around the principle of Learn, Practice and Play - Learn the rules and strategies of casino games, Practice them for free, then Play for real at an online casino.

Having so many games to choose from - and so many different versions of each game - means that players are sometimes tempted to play a game which seems familiar, but may be different in some subtle, but very important ways. For example, the main difference between European Roulette and American Roulette is that the first has one zero, whereas the second has two. This single difference completely changes the odds, and your chances of winning. Similarly, Blackjack with one deck, three decks and eight decks are very different games. Knowing which game you're playing will help you place your bets wisely and maximise your potential profits.

A big part of the ethos of Fortune Palace is that players should be given the opportunity to become fully familiar with a game and its strategy, before playing. No-one wants to lose a fortune learning the ropes of a new game, so each of the games above allows you to play without making a deposit or even registering!

Most people come here for free-play versions of Roulette and Blackjack, but we encourage you to also try out some of more unusual games like Sic Bo, Keno and Pai Gow Poker, as these games can offer very different experiences. If you're familiar with Roulette, why not try a card game? If you're a Blackjack expert, have a go at a dice game. Playing a variety of games is vital to maintain your enthusiasm - always beari in mind that gambling is a leisure pursuit, a fun activity, not a guaranteed way to get rich quick!

The Learn a new games ection of the site will walk you through the basic rules and suggested strategies of each of the games, which you can then practice on the games above, before choosing from a list of recommended casinos and bonus offers.

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  • Thousands of players online daily
  • Easy-to-use, attractive interface: one tap call, raise, check, fold
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  • Chat with other players, buy gifts, earn achievements
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  • Take part in Sit n Go tournaments
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