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A casino is the first place someone who wants to gamble thinks of and goes to. Now when you think of a casino, you will straight away think of a large place full of lights, people playing gambling games, and most probably, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, however, was not the birthplace of casinos. If you assume that casinos are as old as the nineteen thirties, maybe even the eighteen hundreds, then you will be shocked to know that the first historical record which involves people gathering at a place and playing games which were based on luck and had to give up things if they lose or take things if they win, which is practically gambling, was written in China in circa twenty-three hundred Before Christ. But historians have seen that gambling or gambling-like activities have existed in every society known to them. Even the Greeks and Romans met at certain places and played gambling games which were based on luck. One of the first casinos that were built and are still running today, is the Casino de Venizia which was built during the sixteen thirties in Venice, Italy. The first casinos in the United States were known as saloons, especially in the Old West.

Many poker casinos in the world require gamblers to be over the age of twenty-one, some casinos require them to be over eighteen, and a few casinos allow people over the age of sixteen to gamble. There are many gambling games in casinos; the most-played games are classified into two divisions: chance games and skill games. Slot machines, craps, and roulette all fall in the chance games division because there really isn’t much a gambler could do to win except depend on his luck. The other division, skill games, includes games such as poker and blackjack.

Casinos can be a source of instant wealth. If someone plays regularly with logic, and knows when to quit, then he or she could make a lot of money in an instant. However, only saying that casinos can be a source of money is in fact too good to be true. If it was real, then casinos would be overcrowded since people have nothing to lose and only gain. The reason we do not see the whole world in casinos is because of the negative consequences that are just as probable to happen as the positive consequences. People might bet so much and win a lot, they get too confident so they start betting with enormous amounts of money and then all of a sudden, swoosh, and it is all taken by a breeze wind when they lose.

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  • Roulette Wheel, 2 Steel Balls
  • 100 Poker chips (50 white, 25 red, 25 black)
  • Deck of Playing Cards, Four Dice, Five Poker Dice
  • Playing Instructions Included
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