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Cash Slots AppWondering if PCH is real and if anyone ever really wins? Well, the answer is YES! And one recent winner of $5, 000 took some time out from being a mom to chat with us about her recent Major Prize, and how she came to be a winner!

Maribel Rodriguez had watched all the screaming, the crying and the over-the-top reactions of the winners in the Publishers Clearing House commercials on TV. She thought that there was no way those were real! Maybe they were actors or maybe something else about it was fake? There was no way!

“I first heard about Publishers Clearing House through the commercials on TV, about 2 months ago. I didn’t think it was real, ” says Maribel in our over the phone interview.

So of course we here at PCH know the prizes are real (and chances are, you do too!). But Maribel’s reaction is a good reminder to us just how amazing these prizes are! They can often seem too good to be true!

PCHCashSlots“I thought it [wasn’t real], but I like games so I clicked on it anyways. So I started to play Cash Slots.”

The PCH Cash Slots App is just one of the many ways you can win BIG prizes from PCH! Available for both iPhone and Android, it’s slot machine-themed fun, where betting chips can gain you even MORE chips! Then there’s a bonus wheel, where you can spin to gain more chips or even win some real cash prizes!

Some of those cash prizes include Major Prizes, like $5, 000! That’s how much Maribel won when she was playing the Cash Slots app.

“Even when I won, I thought ‘oh my God, I don’t believe it!’ My sister had to convince me to fill out the form. I didn’t think it was real.”

When the team behind the PCH Cash Slots app finally received Maribel’s information, they decided to do something that PCH doesn’t do often – along with her real check for $5, 000, we sent her a Big Check! Even though the Big Check is usually reserved for Prize Patrol visits from Dave or Danielle, we thought it might be fun to send Maribel a Big Check through the mail!

“When I received this big box, I was still nervous. But one of my kids said, ‘lets’ open it!!’ When I saw the big check I thought, ‘oh my God, I can’t believe it!’ It took a long time for it to sink in.”

We asked Maribel what she wanted to use the money for, and her thoughts were very simple: pay some bills and donate to a cancer foundation. How great is that? Yes, Maribel keeps it humble and simple.

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