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The TP-LINK M5350 3G Sim Free Mobile WiFi is a unique and flexible device that gives you a strong WiFi internet connection while you're on the move.

Mobile wireless 3G sharing

The M5350 lets you create a WiFi hotspot almost anywhere using a 3G connection. This is ideal for business or social use when you're travelling. It also enables users in caravans, boats and remote locations to get online where they are unable to get a broadband connection.

Great for keeping the family entertained in the car, or use around the home for casual Internet users, the M5350 can connect up to ten WiFi enabled devices at once, such as laptops and tablets.

Functional design

Its rechargeable internal battery lets you use it outdoors for hours, and it's pocket-sized for easy transportation and setup. A micro USB port allows the device to be charged up without hassle, so you can connect it to many USB sources for power.

Featuring an innovative OLED display, the TP-LINK M5-350 Portable 3G Router gives you a clear and intuitive view on the device's working status – monitor signal strength, network type (2G/3G), WiFi status, messages, internet, statistics and battery life.

A micro SD card slot is also provided so you can make use of up to 32 GB of optional storage.

Freedom to choose your plan

This SIM free device gives you the freedom to choose and change your own data plan whenever you want, whether you decide pay-as-you-go or a pay monthly contract is most convenient for you. Simply insert a 3G SIM card into the rear of the device and you're ready to get connected.

Connect to the internet while you're away from home using the TP-LINK M-5350 3G Mobile Wireless Router and its broad compatibility features.

For Moto G US Cellular Parts-Motorola Moto G XT1028, XT1032, XT1036, XT1034, Sim Card Slot Reader Sim Card Reader Connector Slot + Free Tools
Wireless (For Moto G)
  • Brand New - Original Sim Reader Slot for Moto G XT1028, XT1032, XT1036, XT1034, XT1033 (All Carriers)
  • Fix problem with not reading Sim card reader
  • All parts are tested and quality controlled prior to shipment.
  • Free Tools Included
  • In stock and ships from USA
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