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Video Poker is a slot machine type game that lets you play five card draw poker against your iPhone or iPod touch just like the Video Poker machines in a Las Vegas casino. For you to win your hand must contain a pair of Jacks or better.

Cheaper than a trip to Vegas and no chance of you losing lots of money.

Free Video Poker is ad supported. For those that do not wish to have ads shown, there is a paid version of Video Poker that is available through the App Store.

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Video poker
by only a fool once

Love this game! Was playing a version of deuces wild online before I found this game. Each day they would give your few tokens to play with and you ran out quickly, oh but then they offer you additional tokens for your cash! I can play Jacks or Better for hours and not have to deal with getting cut off after 3 or 5 hands of play. Haven't even opened that other game since I found this one.

More fun if you’re the house!
by Visorblue

Love the teaching (Strategy Warning that show better choices), the stats, the looks and sounds of the game. Very addicting. Only problem is that it severely seems to favor the house! Even when I follow the suggestions, I did much better at a casino. I, also, play an free online video poker and I do a LOT better there as well. At least it’s not draining my wallet.

Playable and has Strategy
by WVU_Neal

This is a well implemented Jacks or Better video poker game with a full pay pay table. The game keeps stats on your play and can teach you strategy to improve your play.

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