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Bonus Slots – play casino slots gamesOffers many themed casino slots games for your enjoyment. Play casual casino slots, collect bonus coins and see if you can strike it big! Check out more in this review!

Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases

Content Rating: Medium Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to play casino slots games!
  • Several bonuses to redeem!


  • Not as many frills as other slots games of the ilk.
  • Can be mildly fun after prolonged play.


Bonus Slots features many thematics you can potentially win the jackpot to such as Egyptian, Pirates, Mayan, Dinosaurs plus more being added. Playing and leveling up unlocks more game themes. It works just like casino slots games yet maximum lines are already enabled. It’s easy to play, simply choose bet amount and tap the Spin button. If you desire to know more about how winning combinations are formed just tap the help “?” symbol to see the table of winnings. While playing you’ll notice periodically you can spark many types of bonuses such as free spins, free coins every two hours, daily login bonuses plus a feature to pick from three random items for bonus coins galore or bust.

The theme graphics are bright and good with smooth animations. Bonus Slots supports Google Play leaderboards and achievements- though they do not add to the gaming experience you can virtually compete with other’s scores playing the game as well. There is a good threshold of win-to-loss ratio even as you advance levels when earning experience points. If you do exhaust coins of course purchase more coins with real cash via in-app purchases. My common gripe, however, among most all slots games is the monotony they can face with prolonged gameplay.

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