Party slot machine

Slot_machineOver the past 10 years we’ve done hundreds of casino parties. One of the more common requests from customers (aside from blackjack, which is a timeless classic in it’s own right!) are slot machines. Years ago when 21 Nights was first starting out, I was reluctant to offer slots for casino parties at all. I’ll admit, my personal bias as a blackjack junkie used to get in the way of renting out slot machines to customers as I felt they went against everything I stood for.

I’ve let all that go long ago, and for the most part I’ve given my slot-loving customers what they want. However, I have made the decision recently to stop offering slot machines at our events for reasons that go way beyond my personal dislike for them.

In short, they do you all a disservice. For starters, if you called me for slot machines…

1) You’d get slot machines, but not really.

Slot_machineWhen our customers think of slot machines when they book casino parties with us, they probably close their eyes and picture a machine that looks something like this:

This here is the classic three-reel, “one-armed bandit” style of slots, which has been a staple of pretty much every single casino, everywhere, ever. Pop in some coins, grab the handle and let it rip – what else could be more fun?

Except… the machines you’ll get won’t have a handle, but rather these three buttons in the front of the machine…

You see, this isn’t any ordinary slot machine. The machines that most casino party operators carry are called pachislo machines, popular amusement and “gambling” devices in Japan. The three buttons in the front are to stop the reels manually – one by one – making these a lot more like games of skill than games of chance. So, party guests who were looking to just pull a handle a few times and hope for the best are in for almost instant disappointment.

Players will usually regroup, and be game to trying their skill at this newfangled game that they’ve likely never seen before, until they discover…

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